Butte Creek Info

For those going to butte creek this summer here is some important info.

Everyone (scouts and adults) needs a medical filled out https://www.cpcbsa.org/files/14843/Medical-Form These just take a few minutes and don’t require a doctor’s signature (week long camps do). Part B wants a copy of health insurance card as well.

All adults need to have completed the online youth protection training. Go to https://my.scouting.org/ (create an account if you don’t have one and complete the training, bring a print out of the part that says you’ve completed it (email me a copy if you don’t have a printer).

We want to plan to arrive at Butte Creek between 12:30 and 1:00 on Thursday the 19th. https://www.cpcbsa.org/files/14840/Butte-Creek-Hwy-Map

Here is a suggested packing list https://www.cpcbsa.org/files/14845/Packing-List (same list is used for boy scouts so some things may not apply).

The important parts are Jeans (required for horseback riding), water bottle (it gets warm and we’ll be walking around camp to different activities). Sleeping bag. They provide tent/mini cabin things.

I suggest a day pack since the campsites are all a bit of a hike (up a hill) from most of the rest of camp, I try to not return to the camp site during the day and instead carry what we’ll need.

Scout uniforms are warn at morning and evening flag which are followed by breakfast/dinner. Other than that a T shirt is fine (uniform can go in the day pack).


It is chilly in the mornings before the sun comes over the hill, so a jacket/long sleeved shirt is nice.

They emailed today saying there’s an optional creek walk activity so if you have water shoes or old shoes you don’t mind getting wet bring those.

Cell services is very limited (I had no bars) so you probably won’t be able to check in with family without driving out of camp.

Open toed shoes aren’t allowed outside tents/showers so please wear closed toed shoes.


Give me a text if you have any questions I didn’t cover here.