Current Projects

Updated 5/21/18

Thursday is the District Flag plant.

The address is:

Willamette National Cemetery
11800 SE Mt Scott Blvd
Portland, OR 97086

Please try to arrive by 6pm, the opening ceremony starts at 6:30 but parking/getting to the ceremony takes time.

When you drive in let the helpers know you’re with Pack/Troop 606, they’ll direct you to park near section T. Then walk down near Gate 1 where the ceremony is.

Also please have your Scout in uniform if they have one.

Updated 3/12/18

Lions: Make a nutritious snack for the den. (simple is fine)

Tigers: Bring a nutritious snack to a den meeting. Share why you picked it and what makes it a good snack choice. (again simple something the scout can help make)

Wolf: Demonstrate what it means to eat a balanced diet by helping to plan a healthy menu for a meal for your den or family. Make a shopping list of the food used to prepare the meal.


  1. Create your own Bear cookbook using at least five recipes you might cook or prepare either on
    your own or with some adult help. Include at least one recipe each for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a
    nutritious snack.
  2.  With a family member
    or den leader, prepare for cooking by explaining the importance of
    planning, tool selection, sanitation, and cooking safety.
  3. Select and prepare two nutritious snacks for yourself, your family, or your den



Cast Iron Chef

  1. Plan a menu for a balanced meal for your den or family. Determine the budget for the meal. If possible, shop for the items on your menu. Stay within your budget.
  2. Prepare a balanced meal for your den or family. If possible, use one of these methods for preparation of part of the meal: camp stove, Dutch oven, box oven, solar oven, open campfire, or
    charcoal grill. Demonstrate an understanding of food safety practices while preparing the meal.
  3. (I’m planning on doing this at a meeting without lighting the fire, if you have a place to do it at home which allows lighting it that’s even better) Use tinder, kindling, and fuel wood to demonstrate how to build a fire in an appropriate outdoor location. If circumstances permit and there is no local restriction on fires, show how to safely the fire, under the supervision of an adult. After allowing the fire to burn safely, safely extinguish flames with minimal impact to the fire site.