Meeting notes 4-2-18

A bunch of notes today, I’ll break them up:

Summer camp

Anyone interested in Cub Scout camp at Butte Creek this summer.

There’s at least one Scout going to the Girls only session (July 5-7)

I’m planning on taking Calvin (possibly Eleanor) one of the following sessions (girls or boys are welcome)

7/19-21 (3 day)

7/29-8-1 (4 day)

8/12-14 (3 day)

Ideally we go grouped as a pack, this year we’re split into at least two though.


Weekend day/overnight April

Steampunk Invitation

I can’t go that weekend, but it does look like a fun weekend, it’s being offered to new packs who haven’t done camp and those that can’t afford summer camp. If people are interested we need to get it figured out Monday and get those going registered (as a group).


Weekend day/overnight May

The Boy Scout troop was talking about doing a activity day/overnight for interested cubs on may 19th. Interest/availability? (got a week or two to figure it out).


Flag Plant

Thurs May 24th at Willamette National Cemetery. Aim to arrive there by 6ish, or before. This is the 50th year the Thunderbird district (which we’re part of) has done this event. Every grave will get a flag planted by a scout. If you’re Scout(s) have a uniform please have them wear them for this event.


Upcoming Meetings

I’d like to get some additional adults helping with activities, just tonight we got planned out to do the plants next week and music stuff at a future meeting. I really will run out of ideas so anything people know about or have an interest in that has some scouting connection would be great. We’re also fine to break the groups up if some things only make sense for a set age group.