History of Scouting

Scouting has a long history, dating back to 1910. After witnessing a young boy’s act of kindness, Sir Robert Baden Powell (a former scout in the military) decided to start up a group focused on physical, mental, and spiritual development of young men. This group was trained in many skills with the goal that they would be influential within their communities and inspire others. Soon it was brought over to the United States after a banker had a positive experience with a Boy Scout in England. Ever since then the Scouting movement has grown, and is now a world-wide program. Our troop began in the late 80’s, and was prevalent in the Parkrose Area of NE Portland. Recently we have shifted more towards the David Douglas area, as that is where the majority of our scouts reside. We aim to have a big impact in the area of East Portland around us, leaving a positive affect on our community.